About Us

Fair Acres Ltd has been in the  property market since 1990.  Our company has excellent relationships with clients from all over the world, who trust and prefer our services.We rent houses, villas, lands, plots, houses,apartments,offices, maisonettes etc.

… in harmony with the environment.

  • Provide freely our services for everyone interested in purchasing or renting property.
  • Help with the following property types and categories:
    • Country Homes
    • Houses, villas
    • Business
    • Shops
    • Offices
    • Plots
  • Give expert advice and guidance about estates in the market
  • Secure and legal financing
  • Advertise your property for sale and rent

Take care and maintain your property when you are abroad.

Outdoor Design

We provide exceptional customer satisfaction for everyone who would like to have a lovely escape from the busy and noisy city life, by offering you the best choices on outdoor and landscape design. Also, for those who would like to live peacefully in the countryside, buying a house in a rural area would be a very good investment

Our outdoor design services:

  • Proper construction and planting techniques
  • Superior equipment
  • Highly-trained artisans and professionals
  • Water features and irrigation system
  • Landscape design and lighting
  • Construction of patios, playgrounds, pools, outdoor kitchen, sport grounds, garden gazebos.

With our creative landscaping, your outdoor area would a wonderful place with a variety of decorative trees, any plants and flowers of your choice that would be of unparalleled quality and unsurpassed level of excellence.

Let us make your backyard the perfect natural environment of your dream house!

Interior Design

Our expert interior designers can cooperate with our clients from the very beginning of the construction of the property till the end. Here are some of the services offered:

  • Space Planning: this offers the opportunity to the clients to have a space conceptualization of the arrangement of rooms and furniture as well as design ideas.
  • Real estate design services: construct, renovate or remodel your space.
  • Selection and advice: we make suggestions on lighting, accessories, furniture, fabrics, flooring materials such as tile, carpet, hardwood.
  • Supervision: supervise all the construction process as well as the furniture, appliances installations.