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Fairacres Hortec Ltd. grows tea, coffee, bananas, yellow passion, avocados and bamboos. Grown with international standards and care for the environment, the resulting product is of extremely high quality.

Fairacres Hortec Ltd. has 21.75 Hectares of farmland under avocado production. Both Fuerte and Hass avocadoes are grown, primarily for the export market.

The Hass season runs from June to mid-September with Fuerte starting a little earlier in March/April. In 2014 Fairacres Hortec Ltd. exported 63 tons of Hass avocadoes in partnership with Kakuzi Ltd.

Producing products of consistent high quality is fundamental to what we do at Fair acres Hortec Ltd.

Not only does this reflect market demand but also our values as a company.


Fairacres Hortec Ltd. primarily produces the Hass variety of avocado. Hass avocadoes are known for their gourmet quality and are in high demand in the European Union (EU) markets.

This cultivar is termed a “dark skinned” avocado as it turns dark purple when ready for consumption.

70% of Kenya’s Hass production is exported to France. 15% goes to the UK with the remaining 15% distributed through other EU countries, primarily Switzerland and Scandinavia.


Fairacres Hortec Ltd. tea and coffee estate is situated in Kagumo, Kirinyaga County. The climate in this region ensures that both tea and coffee can be picked all year round.

The region enjoys two rain seasons; the short rains during October and November, and the long rains March to May.

The tea produced is of excellent quality with outstanding flavor and commands the highest grades. The coffee in this area is also of the highest quality and is internationally renowned.


Fairacres Hortec Ltd. produces both bananas and yellow passion on a small scale. The company is continuing to expand the acreage for both crops in order to become one of the largest privately owned producers in Kenya.


There is over an acre of mature bamboo plants that was cultivated over a period of seven years. The development of the bamboo industry in Kenya has spurred Fairacres Hortec Ltd. to invest in the bamboo plantation.

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T: 020-2679458
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